January Journal

by Aaron Strumpel



I wrote a song a day for a month, to see what would be unearthed, but also to challenge myself creatively...what would it take to get into writing head-space on a daily basis? To approach the Spirit who gives voice and melody in all things every day for sustenance and partnership?

Some of these songs were done within twenty minutes, some took a couple of hours. Some I would put on any record, produced out with thick instrumentation, some I would throw into a folder never to be seen till I’m an old man, bored and needing to remember. But here they all are for you...

*This package includes a lovely digital booklet with lyrics, notes on songs, photographs, compiled and designed by Aaron.


released September 21, 2012

Recorded and Engineered over the course of three mornings by Aaron Strumpel at Shovel Studios

Mixed and Mastered by David Wilton at St. Ida's Recording Studio in Lafayette, CO (www.saintidas.com)

Artwork by Aaron Strumpel

Bird Iconography by David Salinas (enthos.net)

All songs written by Aaron Strumpel with the exceptions of two co-write revisions, “Turn On A Dime” and “Poured Out” by Aaron Strumpel, Jason Roberson, and Luke Humbrecht

©2012 Thirsty Dirt Records




all rights reserved


Aaron Strumpel Boulder, Colorado

Aaron Strumpel is a songwriter based in Boulder, CO.  A collaborator with Enter the Worship Circle, an avante-garde worshipper with his Elephants, Birds, and Vespers, he has been featured in Christianity Today, Relevant Magazine, and Paste Magazine.

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Track Name: 1.1.12 First Fruits
First love, first fruits, first days, first you
I am for you, I am for you

When you take all, take all of me
I am made new I am made more like you
I'd never dreamed it'd be so good
Track Name: 1.2.12 Hallowed
I'll seek you first // When morning's new
I'll find you first // I'll look to you

Your Kingdom come // It's all brand new
Your will be done // On earth anew

Hallowed by your name in all the earth

You fill my plate // With daily bread
Your gifts are great // I am well-fed

Forgive me // As I forgive
Deliver me // I'm desperate

Hallowed by your name in all the earth

All power // All glory // Are yours // Forever
Track Name: 1.3.12 Plant Deep
Peace I sing to you
Peace I bring to you
Peace I plant deep in your dirt


Love I sing to you
Love I bring to you
Love I plant deep in your dirt


Hope I sing to you
Hope I bring to you
Hope I plant deep in your dirt


Joy I sing to you
Joy I bring to you
Joy I plant deep in your dirt
Track Name: 1.4.12 Like You
I // Will // Love // You
Like // You // Love me

What else would I do
Who else would I love
Where else would put
My heart

I // Will // Live // Well
Like // You // Made me to do

What else would I do
Spend my time in vain
Why would I live
Outside of you

I // Will // Find // You
Like // You // Found // Me

What else would I do
Leave my love behind
How else could I live
Without you
Track Name: 1.5.12 Look Around
I look around // And I'm overwhelmed
By the sense that I'm not alone

I open my ears // I think I hear
Your still small voice

Oh it's been years // Since I last looked up
Since I wondered at all

Oh where've you've been // I can't recall
Your ways, your song

You are the one // From my dreams
Long ago // You are the one
When I was young // Before I was told
You shouldn't count the stars
You shouldn't search the clouds
Your heart's better off dead
And don't laugh so loud
Track Name: 1.6.12 To Stay
Dry lands you lead me there
Dry lands you meet me there
Dry lands you feed me there

But I hope to not stay
But I hope that one day
You'll take me home to stay
Home to stay
Take me home to stay
Home to stay
Track Name: 1.7.12 Want To Say
At the dawn of the day
I want to say
I'll start with hope
I'll start with faith
I'll start with you

In the midst of the day
I want to say
I'll chase down peace
I'll chase down joy
I'll chase down you

At the end of the day
I want to say
I have loved you well
I have loved you true
I still love you

In the deep of the night, no place for fear
In silence of dark, no room for ghosts
In the depths of sleep
In the realm of dreams
You're with me
Track Name: 1.8.12 Must Admit
Oh the pressure of this pressing in
If I could choke it out I would kill my sin
I can't believe I've come here again

I've sang that your grace is more than enough
I've shouted your name till my voice turned gruff
I've lost some fights on days when singing wasn't enough

I must admit that life is not a package to be wrapped and bowed up
I must admit that lines are not so clean to me the more I walk them

Oh the kids that are bound and held and pinned
Yeah the slavery that we can't begin
To scream enough about, to fight, to win

Would be enough to make me quit
Would darken my heart, would end my wit
I could see myself just giving up

I must admit that life is not a package to be wrapped and bowed up
I must admit that lines are not so clean to me the more I walk them
That I am not so strong I can't stand tall when I stand on my own
That days are lost but God will never stop He moves when I can not
Track Name: 1.9.12 Rest In You
I rest in you, you see me through
These nights so long I dream of you
I dream of you, I dream of you
Track Name: 1.10.12 Turn On A Dime
My God I turn on a dime
I'm scared every time
I turn on a dime

My God I am shifting like sand
I can't even stand
Shifting like sand

Take my life I am done with it
I will spend my days with you
Take my all I am over me
I will take my time with you

My God I'm a wreck without you here
I am given to fear
I'm a wreck without you here

My God I'm a real piece of work
There is no comfort
I'm a real piece of work

Poor in spirit, wet with tears
Meek in stature, merciful in mind
Pure in heart, full of peace
Persecuted, ah its you I need

My God my rest is in You
You've made all things new
My rest is in You

My God you're love rushes in
You cover my sin
You're love rushes in
Track Name: 1.11.12 Pushing Farther
Pushing farther into the abyss
I am finally getting used to this
It's been years of lovers years of failures years all alone
Pushing farther I am ready for this

I-I-I-I am finally with you
You-ooh-ooh-ooh are mine it's true
I-I-I-I will only love you
You-ooh-ooh-ooh have carried me through
Jesus, you're the one who saves
Now that I know You, I don't fear the grave
Jesus, the one who came
Now that I know You, I'm not the same
I-I-I-I am finally with you
You-ooh-ooh-ooh are mine it's true
I-I-I-I will only love you
You-ooh-ooh-ooh have carried me through

Pushing deeper into the great unknown
I am finally excited for this
It's been years in coming years of waiting years of listening
Pushing deeper I am ready for this

Wide-eyed wonder//Words like thunder
You shake my world//Over and under
Deep blue skies//Bright blue moons
You make see more//Oh I see you
Track Name: 1.12.12 Time
blackened coals crunch underfoot
the debris of life turned to soot
there is no return
no turning back
time has turned her corner
she will not keep track

of the seas of raindrops
she slowly weeps
of mountains of sandstone
she will not keep
she lives in one direction
and will not stop
she gives what is necessary
until she does not
Track Name: 1.13.12 Remain In Me
Earth and rock fell down when I called to you
I can't be left here I won't be alone

Like this
My life
I am

Sun and moon stood still when you came for me
I am the last one who thought it'd be

Ship and sea were tossed round when you raised your voice
I was the first one to hear things changing
Track Name: 1.14.12 Bells Like Hammers
Bells like hammers fall on deaf ears
There's a sense that the world's gonna end
Hell like ice cycles coming fast like tricycles
Winds of doctrine like sin

Clear as mud you are, thinking 'bout blood you are
Thirsty like never before
Dear as family trees broken down at the knees
There's a problem with half of your heart

What's wrong with your head when you count 'em dead
The ones you've never decided to hear
What's wrong with your heart when you can't even start
To see your thoughts are formed by your fear

Hard as wood your head rings with blood racing
To the ends of your thought
Soft as lead it runs, down and into bed
With the devil, oh son you've been bought

What's wrong with your head when you count 'em dead
The ones you've never decided to hear
What's wrong with your heart when you can't even start
To see your thoughts are formed by your fear
Did ya have to yell so loud, did you have to laugh so long
Did it make you feel better, did it make you feel strong
Did ya have to throw 'em out, oh the dear little ones
Did ya have to push 'em way, oh our daughters and our sons

Oh step back you're on a ledge too high
With a gavel in your hand and a sickle and a scythe
You've taken too much and you'll take much more
You're gonna fall and burn, you gotta stop keeping score
Track Name: 1.15.12 Thank God
I thank God for you
For the faith and love that live in you
For the hope that's sprung within you
For His word that feeds and nourishes
For the fruit that grows and flourishes
For His grace poured out His encouragement
Track Name: 1.16.12 Leap
I am yours as far as I know
I wish I could know farther than I do
You are mine as far as you say
I wish I could hear your voice today

It's no leap of faith during times when I'm close
There's no problem with my heart no problem when I know
So build me up in you and teach me your voice
Raise me up in you God, you're my first choice
Track Name: 1.17.12 Fool
You can't force your way to the top
With your loud loud voice
You can't build your kingdom to the sky
Like this city is your toy

You can't plant your trees with beans
So magic they don't need
At least century or two
To grow shade underneath

You must//Love
Her//Like He loves
His Bride//True Love
She won't//Be fooled

You can't force your way with her
With your strong strong arm
You won't build a bridge to her
Without doing her harm

You can't call her into the streets
Till you know who she is
She won't open herself to you
When you act like this

You must//Love
Her//Like He loves
His Bride//True Love
She won't//Be fooled
So don't//Be a fool
Tho you say//It's for Him
You're a fool//For your pride
It will not serve//You here
Track Name: 1.18.12 Under The Gun
Under the gun
I am not one
To sweat a thing out
To sit a thing out
I'm gonna make a move
I'm gonna make some noise
I'm not afraid to fight
I'm not afraid to bite

I will get closer to you

Under the sun
It rains and it pours
On the ones who have much
On the ones who are poor
It's a pity for the fools
Who are stuck in the mud
It's a shame on the souls
Too afraid to run

True love, true love
I don't guess
True love, true love
What a mess
True love, true love
Yeah it's the best
True love, true love
True love, true love
Track Name: 1.19.12 Giant Steps
Giant steps//Ones so steep
Giant nights//Ones so deep

I'll break your heart my love
I'll leave you 'lone again
I'll kiss your face my love
Betray and turn you in

Say goodbye//Youth grows old
Just like time//Fast it goes

Me oh my don't let it pass you by
Me oh my your hope it flies
Me oh my you mustn't cry
Me oh my you mustn't cry
Track Name: 1.20.12 Poured Out
Oh I am poured out all over the room
I am crushed now and given to you
I have let go of all that I hold
I have more now than I ever had

So sweetly I am laid down low
An offering I will become
I've brought you things you don't require
And now I see I'm your desire

I am yours now
I am yours
And I am all you want

You are mine now
You are mine
And you are all I want
Track Name: 1.21.12 Don't Keep It
Don't keep it to yourself
The things that you say in the dark
Don't shut it up tight
The secrets you don't wanna let out

You//can't//hide//from me

Don't run away right now
Hide from the one that you love
Don't sneak away so quiet
Please say the word, you'll be heard

Don't say a word//your heart will beat on
And I will reach out//I miss you son
So come back right now//I'll throw you my robe
You're the one that I miss//You're the one that I know
Track Name: 1.22.12 Good Night
Oh good night sweet child
Won't you rest so deep
In His arms you are safe
You are sound

Oh good night lil' child'
Won't you dream so sweet
By His word you are rich
You are crowned

Like the stars fill the sky
And the water fills the sea
So his love covers you, covers me
Track Name: 1.23.12 Five Loaves
Five loaves, two fish
Make it count, make it last
Track Name: 1.24.12 I Don't Know
I don't know anymore what to do
Could you help me please
Oh God, I am lost
Oh God, I am lost

I don't know cause I can't see it all
The world's a complicated place
Oh God, I am small
Oh God, I am small

I don't know how far I can run
It's been a long run so far
Oh God, I am tired
Oh God, I am tired
Track Name: 1.25.12 All Night
All night I flood my bed with tears
I am worn right thru from groaning
I sleep-half-sleep it's all I can do to keep,
My eyes and thoughts from turning under
All night I flood my bed with tears

Away from me my enemies
Get away from me my enemies
The Lord has heard and his mercy will overturn
The plans that have formed against me
Get away from me my enemies
Track Name: 1.26.12 Filled My Days
You've filled my days with blessings
You've placed a crown of gold on me
You've kept me in your presence
You've given all I need
Track Name: 1.27.12 Death's Dark Door
Statues of stone, stand tall alone
They crumble down, no song no groan

Gold bullion high, for all who will look
You'll stumble down, your eyes are hooked

Don't chase the ways of man or the needs of flesh
Don't run for shiny soul-less stones you'll get a mess
You'll die the same without a friend you'll be alone
You can take with you what you hold dear if it'll pass through
Death's dark door

Big houses dark, no light within
They'll burn down too, like thatch roofs caved in

Chariot cars, made from men's blood
They'll succumb too, to moth and to rust

So let go right now, no one can hold
A chest so full of pride, a chest so full of gold
So let go right now, I'll show you how
There's better things to hold, there's better things than gold
Track Name: 1.28.12 This Girl
She's like the sunlight this girl that comes to kiss me in the morning
The fragrance of grace the timbre of gold her hair falls down
She reminds me of home
I'm drawn to her in every way
Track Name: 1.29.12 Sanctify
Oh God you are my God and I am yours forever
There's no other way I can be
So it's done then, and you are mine, and I am yours now and forever
I will walk this out with you my God

Sanctify me Lord // Give me holiness
Spare me ritual
Sanctify me Lord // Give me purity
Spare me religion

You are real God, You are real, no denying that you are here
There's no other way, as I can see it
So I'll search You, oh I'll search, and see your hands in everything
In my mind, in my heart, you are stirring

And I will walk so close to you
Your life and light will pierce me through
I'll see this long and hard thing through
Clean cut, clean wound, my heart's in two
I'm circumcised in Christ my love
You've stripped off all my dirt and rough
You've called my name from clouds above
Baptized in You I'm bathed in love
Track Name: 1.30.12 Deep Dark
I won't fear the night's dark terror
Nor pestilent black error
The hole in my heart won't bleed me out tonight

I won't dwell on the day's sharp arrows
There is hope tho the way is narrow
The whole of my heart will beat for you tonight

I'll search my heart // In this deep dark
That falls round me // In dread
I'll know the warmth // Of your glorious face
I'll look to you // My God

I will lie down in peace
My mind and soul at ease
The hole in my heart will fill tonight

I will sing through my dreams
Sweet melodies they will be
The whole of my heart will sing to you tonight

When I wake to your sun
Frights of night will be undone
The hole in my heart will be healed up

When I sing your song so bright
I will feel your power and might
The whole of my heart will burst forth in song
Track Name: 1.31.12 Blessed
Blessed is the restlessness that leads us to Your Face
Blessed is the urgency the finds us in Your grace

You long for us as we long for you
We're complete in you, Eternal God
You long for us as we long for you
We are found in you, Beloved One