Elephant Trio: George Fox University Live Sessions

by Aaron Strumpel



Magic still happens…it was sunny in Oregon when I picked up my friend and fiddler Cameron Schenk in Portland and drove the forty-five minutes to Newberg to meet Nolan Staples, the brilliant upright bass player at George Fox University. We descended into the video studio on campus and began an impromptu session on three songs from the acclaimed Elephants record. Little did we know or expect that there was going to be a birthing of an orchestra within that little space in that little window of time. I sincerely hope these songs get you the way the originals did, the plodding, heavy, dogged heart of the Elephant pushing you further into your journey, one more day through the wilderness.

*This Session was made possible by the sponsorship of George Fox University and specifically, the Center For Peace and Justice directed by Clint Baldwin. Aaron Strumpel spent the Fall Semester of 2012 as their Artist Practitioner in Residence. See the following websites for more information on the University, Center, and Strumpel's position:

Blow Out the Wick:


This Can't Last:


released January 29, 2013

All Songs Written by Aaron Strumpel

Vocals, Guitars - Aaron Strumpel
Violin - Cameron Schenk
Upright Bass - Nolan Staples

Engineering - Eric Mortinson (www.ericmortinson.com)
Mixing - Aaron Strumpel (www.shovelstudios.com)
Mastering - David Wilton (www.saintidas.com)

©2013 Thirsty Dirt Records



all rights reserved


Aaron Strumpel Boulder, Colorado

Aaron Strumpel is a songwriter based in Boulder, CO.  A collaborator with Enter the Worship Circle, an avante-garde worshipper with his Elephants, Birds, and Vespers, he has been featured in Christianity Today, Relevant Magazine, and Paste Magazine.


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Track Name: Blow Out the Wick
blow out the wick
it's time to quit this circus
it's a trapeze pinned down
it's a carnival without clowns
it's a town without houses
a forest without trees
it's the opposite of identity
a world without sound

we need you

you step into town
with a staff in your hand
you're a shepherd with a word
it's sharp like a sword
you're a breath of fresh air
you're a reason to look up
a clean piece of dirt
an electric chair unplugged

we need you

pull out the cork
it's time to roll this parade
you're a message in a bottle
the drink in this song
you're the red on the page
the gold in the streets
you're the soul's first stirring
a lion that can sing
Track Name: Family
they’re the poor and the dead
that we’ve ignored
they’re the screwed in the head
the ones knocking on doors
the unpretty the undesired
the undressed, the undone

they’re the hungry the alone
that we’ve ignored
they’re kneeling on stone
just begging for bones
the unpretty the undesired
the undressed, the undone

come back
and see with eyes of water
clearer than streams
come back
and hear with ears less hollow
ready to dream

of days in gardens
and time spent together
of hours embracing
safely held in warmth

our father won’t forget the least of these
friends torn and ripped and scraped, diseased
he won’t neglect the raped and the wronged
he won’t forget his kids he’s not gonna run
Track Name: This Can't Last
chains hold my hands
i almost think they’re friends
but my heart still can feel

time marches in
pretending to make me old
but my heart still can feel

worries rule my mind
i almost think they’re right
but my heart still can feel

tremors rack my bones
i think i might be broken
but my heart still can feel

this can’t last
world goes round
sun will rise
in your arms i’ll be found